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Thread: Windows Update keeps searching, checking, installing, failing

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    Default Windows Update keeps searching, checking, installing, failing

    For 3 days now, Windows keeps trying to install 22 updates, which is frustrating to get online.

    I am fairly new at this, and don't know how to stop it.

    Also, when you receive new updates, like windows security, can you delete previous ones.

    I probably have 25 security updates from windows.

    Please help.

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    1. You should not delete any security updates. They all address different problems

    2. Change your update settings to "let me decide whether to install". And when the culprits appear, go into "available updates" right click on those updates and "hide" them.

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    Let Windows Updates run its normal course once and restart when asked for. The updates will be installed.

    Then please see Windows 10 keeps installing the same update.

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