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Thread: Unable to launch old Windows 7 OS after installing a new one over it

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    Default Unable to launch old Windows 7 OS after installing a new one over it


    I had 2 windows 7 operating systems installed on my PC. One of them was getting slow so I decided install a new one over it. I installed the new OS over the old one's partition. Everything was completed perfectly. After some time, I decided to switch back to my other(old)OS. But instead of loading windows, it straightaway went to startup repair! One of my other partitions is protected with bitlocker. The startup repair asked for that long recovery key! I entered it and it continued to repair the OS. I checked the log file and it describes the problem as "Bootmanager failed to find OS loader" and the following repair was done: "Boot configuration data repair". I clicked the finish button and the rebooted the OS. But the same process occurs again and again.

    Please help me out.

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    Looks like a bad install process

    what you need to do is first is format the partition clean it off during the install process. then install a clean copy of win7..
    As you have no details of your system its difficult to advise the best process. But from my own experience is a clean install gives the best result.
    Installing a copy over a previous one that broke doesn't always fix the problems.

    sevenforums tutorials 139576 will ffix looping
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