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Thread: How to stop View Downloads appearing in Taskbar when I click any desktop shortcut

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    Default How to stop View Downloads appearing in Taskbar when I click any desktop shortcut

    Hey Gang, Happy Holidays, I need a hand here, recently everytime I would click on a shortcut that sits inside a desktop folder it puts a tab in my taskbar "View Downloads" that flashes but doesn't open up the webpage ?

    Example: Desktop folder name is "CD/DVD Covers" inside it I have pictures of CD/DVD's that I use to wrap CD/DVD cases with, I also have a couple of internet shortcuts to websites that I download covers from example : CD Covers... These shortcuts use to work fine, I'm not sure what happened, I've tried to roll back with SysRestore but no luck, I've tried Folder Options but no luck either. Oh yeah and when I click the "View Download" tab in my taskbar it show me a blank page. The "VD" folder shows up and does the same thing when I try and install a new program too. I have to go back to the page and go down to the bottom and click the "Run" or "Save" tab so that the program will install. The "VD" tab will stay in my taskbar forever until I go to Task Manger and end it there. It never did this last week ...and its a pain in the butt.

    I went and unistalled IE 9 and reinstalled it but it didn't help. Did something change in the way IE9 handles Folders & downloads ?? How can I change it back so that when I click a shortcut it takes me to the page like its suppose to instead of having to go backwards everytime ?

    I'd sure appreciate someone a little smarter than me, giving me a clue how to fix this problem because its beatin me up.....

    Charlotte, NC USA

    I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, IE 9, Avast AV, Windows Firewall, Malware Bytes, Glary Utilites, Foxit Reader, Revouninstaller, Start Menu 7, 7zip, Windows Ultimate Tweaker and Ccleaner Holidays, I need help,

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    Maybe you need to fix the .lnk file association.

    Create a system restore point first and download the registry fix for fixing the .lnk file extension here: FIX: Unable to open EXE or LNK files in Windows 7 | The Windows Club

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    Also check the HTML extension. Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set Associations

    In the picture I have Firefox but in your case you need Internet Explorer.

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