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Thread: Disappearing files and folders from Windows 7 Documents

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    Default Disappearing files and folders from Windows 7 Documents

    Real problem. A set of folders disappeared from "My Documents", search doesn't find them. Reboot and part of them appear, but incomplete with missing files. I restore from backup and all looks fine. After several minutes, or maybe closing Explorer, they disappear except for the few folders with missing files. I delete these and restore from backup, then reboot.

    Now I have missing files plus the incomplete files which I deleted. If I delete everything and empty recycle bin, the same fragmented files reappear after opening and closing Explorer.

    I have been to MS support and followed instructions re hidden files, root kit scanners, MS Scan, CCleaner and Glary Utilities. Also anti-malware removers and scanners. Nothing shows up, its driving me nuts.

    I even moved a set of the most important files to a Mac, and after a while some of the files went missing there. (I scanned the thumb drive on two different computers--all OK. I need a wizard. Also tried renaming My Documents--no help.

    Win 7 Pro, 64 bit, lots of storage and 8M of ram on Thinkpad T500.

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    8M of ram on Thinkpad T500.

    do you mean 8gig ram??

    could try..... open my computer right click on "C" drive click properties click on tools click drive for errors.. also check security check the permissions are correct

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