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Thread: PAE for Windows 7 Ultimate, 32 Bit, How does it work?

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    Exclamation PAE for Windows 7 Ultimate, 32 Bit, How does it work?

    Good Day my fellow Windows Users,

    I want to ask for your opinions regarding the RAM Limitation in the 32-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate.
    Currently, I have 2GB RAM installed DDR2-800mhz in Single Channel mode and I'm planning to upgrade to 4GB by adding another 2GB stick
    so I can use Dual-Channel, but according to my further research, due to Hardware Reserved Memory, I may be only able to use between 2.7GB and 3.5GB of RAM.
    I want to verify if this is true.

    I also found the PAE - Physical Address Extens feature of 32-bit OSes and it if I enable it it will allow my system to use more than 4GB RAM.

    But before activating it, does it have any "Cons"?

    And may I also know the difference of the PAE and the 4gigabyte-tuning?

    Thank you for your kind consideration
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    Does this help in answering your question? Physical Memory Limits for Windows 7

    You can enable/disable PAE easily using our Ultimate Windows Tweaker.

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    If you want to use the full 4GB, a 64bit system is a must. Else you will have to settle for the 3.25GB which is the average RAM usage for 32bit systems. You can enable PAE, but it won't help.

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