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Thread: Unable to Setup Networked Printer Driver

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    Default Unable to Setup Networked Printer Driver

    I have been getting really frustrated by one of my machines which has decided that it can't connect a networked printer anymore. Variously has come up with errors 57, 2, 6, and others. Have a Home Server 2011 server with two printers shared off it, with bot 32-bit and 64-bit drivers installed. Have connected to these successfully on all machines at home (both 64-bit Windows 7 and one 32-bit Windows 7 laptop). One machine had been connected ok, upgraded some hardware and during this removed a bluetooth option (which I never used - it is a desktop device) and all seemed to working fine. However, then changed one printer out (the old colour one finally broke) and found I was unable to add the printer to this one machine.

    Have done the "normal" workaround of setting up a local "\\SERVER\SHARE" port, but really don't like having to do this and would like to work out how to fix the printing stack so that it works fully again ---- at least until I have to do my next rebuild, which will probably be when/if I move this machine to Windows 8 (and even then, I'd prefer an initial upgrade, as it takes a good week to get all my stuff installed and configured correctly).

    Have run SFC, made sure printer drivers are latest and all of the normal checks.

    Not sure exactly when the ability to connect network printers stopped working, so no way to tell if it was taking out Bluetooth or something else.

    Does seem to be loads of people who get this issue at some point, and so far have not found ANY real fixes, just workarounds.

    As workarounds let me work, not as critical as it would otherwise be ---- but would really like to find out a way to fix this properly without an in-place-upgrade (if that is even possible these days) or a rebuild from scratch.

    Also sounds like a great opportunity for a tool to fix the printer stack top-to-bottom, as this does seem to be an area which gives people grief in many ways.

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    On Facebook, Ahmad I. Milazi says:

    Try use this method. I assume that you have assigned an IP Address to your printer on your server:

    Store the driver of the printer you have onto a pendriver (flashdisk). Go to your the computer without the driver and press add a printer in your devices and printers setting.

    Pick "Add a local printer" (not network printer). When there, choose the second option, create a new port, and pick "Standard TCP/IP" . Click next and type in the IP Address which you probably assigned to the printer on your server. It will only check if it is accessible and will ask you for the driver on the next step. Click "Have Disk..." and navigate to your pendrive. Click next and you'll install your network printer.

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