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Thread: Taskbar help request

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    Default Taskbar help request

    I understand that with the Win7 taskbar it is possible to configure it and shrink the windows as well so that it resembles the XP taskbar.
    At one stage I had this exact configuration, but also with my desired background image.

    At one stage I had a look at windows' default pictures.

    Now I can't change it back (both) to the way it was - can anyone offer any guidance. - Or in other words once I change to the Windows Classic theme, how do I keep it and add a background as well?

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    See if these links offer what you are looking for. PLEASE create a system restore point first before making any changes to your PC so that you cam always revet back, should you not like the changes.

    Get Windows Vista style taskbar in Windows 7
    Restore the old Vista style Quick Launch Bar back in Windows 7.
    W7 Taskbar Tweaker : Tweak Windows 7 Taskbar Button & Thumbnail Preview sizes

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    Default Win 7 taskbar assistance

    I will rephrase the question:

    I know how to change the wallpaper/theme on the desktop,
    I also know how to change the desktop to the Classic XP look.

    What I don't like about the the XP classic desktop is the dull workspace area.
    I at one stage had the XP desktop and a changing theme (together).

    I had a look at some default Windows' piccies, but when I tried to restore my original configuration - the XP desktop refused to exist with my original setting/s.
    Does anyone know how to make this set-up from scratch? (I had it this way to start off with so I know it is possible)

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