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Thread: Missing Gems: DOS Command Line Commands in Windows 7

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    Post Missing Gems: DOS Command Line Commands in Windows 7

    For years, we have been using the graphical user interface (GUI) from Microsoft. So much so that we almost forgot about MS DOS. While checking out the System32 folder for old style media player today, I was surprised to see that some of those missing gems are still present in Windows. I am sharing some of those DOS commands available in Windows 7. For help on any of these commands, press Win key + R, type CMD and hit Enter. In the command window that appears, type the command name followed by /?

    1. Append: Remember PATH command? We used this command to set a default folder for using external DOS commands so that we did not have to type the entire path to the command. Append command too is similar. It allows you to load more than one folder containing commands that you intend to use.

    2. ATTRIB: Used to set file attributes: hidden, read-only, ready-to-archive and system-file.

    3. CHCP: View or change code pages. You already know about ASCII values I guess. All the characters on your keyboard can be represented by 255 different ASCII codes. Some OEMs and software companies still use extended code pages that are custom to their devices.

    4. COMP: Compares two files for identical characters. You can use this command to quickly check if there are duplicates on your computer. Would require a little DOS programming though

    5. DEFRAG: Good old command to defragment hard drive, a bit modified though. Still, works in background and is better than the GUI version.

    6. DISKCOPY: No one uses floppy drives anymore. The command was used to copy contents from one floppy disk to another.

    7. DOSKEY: One of the most interesting DOS commands (still in Windows 7?). I remember using this to create simple programs. Also, records keyboard history in DOS mode.

    8. EDIT: Probably one of the first word processors, the command is used to open and edit text files in DOS mode.

    9. LOADFIX: When memory was a problem back in 8086 computers, this command was used to load programs in higher memory - above 64K.

    10. XCOPY: One of the most time saving command of its time, XCOPY was/is used to copy entire folders to another drive/folder. Faster than copy-paste used in GUI mode.

    There are plenty more DOS commands in Windows 7. You might want to check out your system32 folder.

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    Hi !

    I stopped using / CMD.exe years ago...
    Personally i use TCC/LE: Enhance Your Windows Command Line, CMD Batch Files, and Command Prompt Windows which is much better.

    Also look here: TCC/LE : A free replacement for Windows Command Prompt

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