Normally, I keep my outlook files on a separate drive so that I do not lose data when I have to reinstall or upgrade Microsoft Office. Recently, I tried to keep a backup copy of all the outlook files, including outlook.pst to cloud but could not make it work.

First, it was SkyDrive.. I copied the folder containing outlook files to skydrive folder and changed the path of outlook.pst so that it automatically syncs with my skydrive. Did not happen. Outlook 2010 would present a message saying PST file is not accessible. Not that the PST file was on the SkyDrive but since I had a local copy within the SkyDrive folder, I was expecting Outlook 2010 to access it as it did before. The path was correct too.

I tried Comodo Cloud Backup. This was even worse. Upon syncing, it damaged the PST file and I lost some folders and email backups. Message was same - Outlook cannot access the PST file and later, the PST file is invalid.

The reason that occurred to me was that when I place the outlook.pst file in Skydrive or Comodo or whatever sync folders, it would be accessed first by the cloud clients - skydrive desktop client or Comodo Cloud Client. Since these files are already in use, Outlook 2010 cannot use them.

Thought of a workaround to have the latest copy of outlook.pst on the cloud. I created a batch file that would run before I open Microsoft Outlook. It would copy outlook.pst to a folder in SkyDrive. Outlook 2010 will access the main outlook.pst that is not located in any of the sync folders. These folders simply contain a copy of the outlook.pst being used by Outlook. Since I added the batch file to startup program, it will easily copy the file without any error.

The code for batch file could be something like this:

copy d:\outlook\outlook.pst g:\skydrive\PSTbackup\outlook.pst /y

I used the switch /y to suppress the confirmation dialog that would appear otherwise asking me if I wish to replace the already existing outlook.pst that was copied during previous boot.

Any better ideas?