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Thread: W732 Pro UAC causes XP virtual machine configuration Error.

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    Default W732 Pro UAC causes XP virtual machine configuration Error.


    Sorry, forum would not let me post images. Tried 2 ways to post to no avail. I've been posting images on forums for 20 yr easily with no problems, please advise.

    Below, see XP virtual machine configuration Error Msg. indicating: "User does not have sufficient access rights".

    Yet the next image: "Never notify me when", indicated I am at the lowest UAC level. Or are the lower levels represented by Easter Eggs?

    Also, note the Windows XP mode is installed, but because of the XP virtual machine configuration msg above, I can't go further.

    I have Googled this situation to no avail. Found a few vague postings but they have lead to dead ends.

    Any help, suggestions will be much appreciated.



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    You can post the images without the http/www and we will fix it for you.

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