Was browsing when I can came across an article explaining how you can save clipboard to your hard disk without having to open any program. It talked of some freeware called PasteAsFile. I have not yet tried it out so cannot say if it is good. But it sure reminded me that way back, probably XP or even 98, we were able to copy text from anywhere, go to anywhere in Windows Explorer and press CTRL+V to save the contents of clipboard as a scratch file.

This scratch file automatically got a file name which consisted of first few words of clipboard content and never had any extension. Double clicking the icons of scratch paper (that looked like torn paper), would open the file in Notepad. The first thought that came to me while reading about PasteAsFile was - why would I need this program when I can already paste clipboard as a scratch file simply by right clicking and selecting Paste.

However, when I tried the operation (copying some text to clipboard and then pressing CTRL+V in Windows Explorer), it did not produce any file. When I right clicked to try the Paste in context menu, it was greyed out - meaning there was nothing in the clipboard or that Windows won't allow paste in Windows Explorer unless I create a file first.

Does this mean Windows somewhere dropped support for scratch files or was I doing something wrong? As far as I can remember, I used this method of pasting text to Windows Explorer as a scratch file to save program codes (I was learning C language) to disk without having to open Notepad or Word. If Windows has indeed dropped scratch files, then yes - programs such as PasteAsFile become necessary. An additional feature of PasteAsFile is that - other than mere text, it can paste graphics directly to Windows Explorer as a file. I will download it and check it out to share my experience with you all.

APPEND: Seems Windows has dropped many features moving ahead. For example, I cannot find the option in Sound Recorder to record music using motherboard mixer. Many other small things - useful but small - are missing in Windows 7. Of course, I am realizing it late as I did not need them so far (probably the reason why Windows team dropped them). For recording audio playing in computer, I started using SoundForge that allows real time mixing so I never felt the need for motherboard mixer that was present in Recording Volume Control.

As far as PasteAsFile is concerned, it might come in handy. Will present a review of the program shortly.