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Thread: Windows Media Center not getting signal

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    Default Windows Media Center not getting signal

    Long story short, all options have been tried, nothing can be done.

    More here


    My TV cable comes into my room, goes through a splitter, one goes to my digital converter then to my TV. The other goes to my Windows 7 Desktop.

    When I got up Monday evening, Windows Media Center was working fine and it recorded a program that I had set it to record. When I got up Tuesday evening, I discovered it wasn't getting a signal.

    I tried switching the outputs on the splitter. TV still got signal, WMC didn't. That rules out a bad splitter. I took the TV cable loose from the back of my Desktop and plugged it into the inputs on both the digital converter and my TV. TV got signal both times. That rules out a bad cable.

    I also tried connecting the cable to my Desktop to the output on the digital converter to see what would happen. WMC still did not have a signal. I do not have the means to establish a direct connection to the cable coming into my room to my desktop, but based on the above, I doubt that would work.

    I even tried running a system restore to a point before the last known time it was working. Still no luck.

    My desktop hasn't moved from the spot it's in since I first turned it on. I plan to disconnect everything, take out outside and blow dust out of it at the end of every month, but I have not had it that long yet.

    I tried telling it to scan for more channels twice. Both times got no additional channels found. Then I told it to Set Up TV Signal. Everything went just like it did when I set it up the first time. It successfully downloaded "Latest TV setup data for your region," had no problem examining my TV signal and detected "Digital Cable (ClearQAM) (1 tuner)". I selected configure with these results and clicked next. I selected Maynardville Comcast Maynardville (Digital). Don't know why that came up since I'm much closer to Pigeon Forge and Sevierville, but it worked the first time, so I selected it again. I confirmed my selection. It scanned for TV cannels I receive. It said no channels were detected.

    I went throught it again, except instead of configure with these results, I selected "let me configure my TV signal manually." For TV signal type, I selected Cable. Set top box not required by my cable provider, so I selected No. At that point I remembered that the first time, I selected configure with these results, that didn't work and it worked after doing it manually. Moving on, my provider's signal is digital, so like before, I selected Digital Cable (ClearQAM). I selected Maynardville Comcast Maynardville (Digital). It immediately said WMC has finished setting up your Digital Cable (ClearQAM) and asked if I wanted to set up for another TV signal, I selected No. I got The following TV signals will be configured for WMC Digital Cable (ClearQAM) Maynardville Comcast Maynardville (Digital) (1 tuner). Guide download completed immediately and scanning for channels I receive started running.

    It said no channels were detected. I restarted my system. I opened WMC and went to the guide. I got an error message saying that all channels had been removed from the guide and to select Edit to add channels to the guide. I also found that all of my scheduled recordings had been removed. I went throught the whole setup thing again. I got no channels were found.

    Has anyone had a similar problem? What can I do to diagnose and fix the problem?

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