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Thread: Windows 7 Control Panel not working

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    Default Windows 7 Control Panel not working

    I am the administrator on my computer, and I recently noticed a new account called "a." Thinking that my brother had done this as a joke, I simply tried to delete it. However, the control panel is not showing any of the accounts, so I cannot select and delete them. Secondly, as I was messing around on the control panel, I found that some of the links are not working, like "Change your password" or "Manage User Accounts"- either they simply do not link to anywhere, or they do, but nothing on that page works. I really do not want to reformat my computer, because I have an incredible amount of documents on here that I was too lazy to back up. Any advice?

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    Try to re-register (How to Register, Re-register or Unregister dll & ocx files in Windows) the following dll files in System32 folder:


    Then Run system file checker.

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