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Thread: Help needed with the little locks on folders in Windows

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    Default Help needed with the little locks on folders in Windows

    I have read so much about those dang lock icons on folders, and how to fix this folder by folder, but my problem is that these locks are on literally EVERYTHING. I only have one user on my computer, the admin. I feel like it started when I tried to get windows media player onto my xbox live. I have since then deleted WMP from my xbox, and even went so far as to deactivate it from my computer. I mean, there's gotta be a way to fix this without having to go through every single locked folder, right?

    Thanks in advance, this has been super frustrating.

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    Lock icon: This means that you have a private item in a non-private directory. This indicates that it is a file or folder with special permissions & that the user is restricted from performing some operations on that file or folder. More here at: The overlay icons in Windows 7

    These links may help you:

    Effective Permissions Tool for Files and Folders in Windows 7
    DropPermission lets you overcome You don't have permission to error messages instantly
    Troubleshoot File and Folder Permission Issues in Windows 7 | 8

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