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Thread: DNS Server Not Responding wireless

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    Default DNS Server Not Responding wireless

    Hi, I have a problem. A few days ago I was watching a film when I noticed that there was next to nothing coming through (Buffering). I did an ipconfig /release and then /renew and since then I havent been able to go on the internet. I diagnose the problem and it says "DNS Server not responding". The amount of forums and websites I have visited is unbelievable. I am currently in safe mode with networking posting this. I can connect to a few websites like facebook but images that my friends upload simply do not show. I can get access to google but any search results I click on cant connect. Please please help me. Contact me through this thread to try and help me. P.S I have tried the whole snf

    -- Im not sure if there are other threads like this but nothing has worked so far. I do have access to another computer.

    -- I am currently using wired internet and when I change to wireless the same thing happens.

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    Try doing a factory reset on your router or modem.

    This may also help FIX: DNS Server is not responding on Windows.

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