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Thread: Can't install HP printer

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    Unhappy Can't install HP printer

    oh my,,I have been trying to fix this for a week now. I have cox cable for my provider and in december my printer was there and working just fine.
    Windows is telling me it can't add access I think. I rolled back the driver but it still isn't allowing the download..I am ready to give up but I can't. I used windows fax and scan program before now I tells me I don't have a device--
    I am using windows 7 x 62 I have tried everything from HP..the detector software,,,everything I could download from their site..nothing works..
    can someone please tell me what to do. OH HP has upgraded my printer from Version 13 to Version 14 and it won't let me roll back the version stuff..
    I just don't know what to do anymore
    please help me...pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    You may want to change another cable of the printer to your pc.
    maybe you can try installing the printer on another PC to see if the printer is spoiled

    you may also try now. Right click my Computer select properties. Then click device manager and see if your printer is there with a YELLOW MARK. if yes.. just right click uninstall. then scan for hardware changes again.

    if these dont work.. then sorry.. I'm out of ideas. Maybe you are the special one using windows 7 x"62". Jk xD

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