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Thread: Sever execute failed related to issue with WMP configuration errors

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    Default Sever execute failed related to issue with WMP configuration errors

    I need help fixing WMP. I'm unable to play any WMP file. I have read and follow the recommendation from your site and others, but still can fix WMP. When I tried FixWin and receive a "Requested registry access is not allowed" message. The additional information says I need NET Framework Configuration Tool.

    As mentioned earlier, I've tried every suggestion related to this problem but I can not seem to find the correct way to resolve it, like sfc/scannow, regsvr jcript, turnin off/on WMP media center and palyer, etc.

    Would you please be so kind to provide further advise?

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    The .NET Framework Configuration Tool or Mscorcfg.msc has been removed from the .NET Framework version 4 and later versions.

    I am presuming that you have tried these - but nothing seems to have helped.

    Run FixWin as administrator and see if it helps.

    Else try this.

    Via Control Panel > Turn Windows features On or Off, under uncheck Windows Media Player and restart the computer, to uninstall WMP. Now check the checkbos to reinstall it.

    Else you may check these links:

    Link1 | Link2.

    Let us know if something helps.

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    Please try as given above, also please provide more details about your system , OS and what error are you getting while trying WMP. Is your system having any other media related player, plugin installed?

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    Hi there!

    I would also recommend to uninstall any third codec files like K-Lite Player, Shark Codec etc. Once it's removed like Anand said uncheck WMP and run SFC /SCANNOW then reboot and re-check it.

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