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Thread: Problem reinstaling Windows 7: Shuts down after showing 'Windows is loading files'.

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    Default Problem reinstaling Windows 7: Shuts down after showing 'Windows is loading files'.

    I try to reinstall my desktop computer these days, but something weird just happen.
    After I boot from my my install dvd , it did show that "windows is loading files" ,but after that,just before showing "starting windows" , it just shut down and restart immediately and boot from DVD again.
    Who can tell me why did this happen >< ??

    These are my hardware , it's custom build
    CPU-i7 3770
    RAM-just know is DDR3 12GB....
    Graphics Card -GTX 550TI
    Motherboard - b75ma P45
    Power Supply-XIGMATEK NRP PC602

    I've try both 64 or 32bit install DVD, but it still do the same......

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    Hi there!

    Try with a different source i.e. Instead of DVD try to burn it to a USB Drive and boot from it and see if it works. Also run a diagnostic for your Hard drive let rule out any hardware related issues as well.




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    Seagate, Maxtor & Quantum:

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    Get the manufacturers diagnostic for ISO CD and burn it to a disk and run Hard drive diagnostics.
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    Before reinstalling, does Windows 7 could boot correctly? W/O install DVD, Try this, Restart and Press F8 to reach advanced boot options & try starting with 'Last known good configuration' & update all drivers, MS updates and remove any prob apps. Then try reinstalling.
    You can also try to boot in safe mode and check for any disk errors. (Start> CMD , run as admin, chkdsk /r)
    Also refer to How to perform a clean boot to troubleshoot a problem in Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista

    Also have you made any changes to BIOS? Try setting the Boot sequence of DVD drive as 1st and save if its not & then try reinstalling.

    Also ensure there's no H/W error. You say you have 12 GB of RAM, try with 4GB RAM or whichever configuration is possible with your installed RAM by removing some RAM sticks. Pl only do if you are comfortable handling H/W . Check your Power supply too.
    I'm just guessing the H/W part, it can be or can not be.

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