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Thread: DPI Scaling issue of shifting font sizing fixed

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    Lightbulb DPI Scaling issue of shifting font sizing fixed

    For those of us that need to use a large DPI setting (my visual impairment requires that I use a DPI setting of 150%), the issue of shifting font sizing has been solved! It was suggested to me by Nikos (author of the file manager program Xplorer2) that an undocumented compatibility setting was the answer; testing has borne this out.

    The Solution: right-click on a program’s desktop icon and select Properties, then select the Compatibility tab. Once there, do the following:
    1) Check the Run in program compatibility mode box, and from its drop-down menu select Windows 7.
    2) Check the box in front of the line that reads Disable display scaling on high DPI settings.
    3) Check the box in front of the line that reads Run as an administrator.
    4) Click “Apply” (on the bottom row of buttons).
    5) Click Apply to all users box.
    6) repeat these same settings for all Users.
    7) Click “Apply” (on the bottom row of buttons).
    8) Click “OK” & “OK”.

    I have successfully used this technique in Thunderbird (email program), my 3rd-party file manager (Xplorer2) and Firefox in order to maintain the font size I set them to.

    Unfortunately, you have to do this individually for each mis-behaving application, and the settings don’t always hold, but its the best, and to date only, work-around I’ve found to the problem.

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    Thanks for sharing here BearPup. I am sure it will help someone someday.

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