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Thread: DNS Not Responding

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    Default DNS Not Responding

    I have read other forums regarding this issue, but none seem to help me, so I am trying by posting my own thread.

    My Toshiba Windows 7 laptop no longer connects to the internet. The Windows 7 diagram tells me the computer is connected to my router, but my router does not connect to the internet. However, I have another laptop, an iphone, an Android and a Kindle connected to the internet via my router and all are behaving as expected.

    On the no functioning laptop I have flushed my dns and all of those steps. I have rebooted my router (ASUS with dd-wrt running) and called my ISP and everything seems to be fine. I have also uninstalled the wireless driver and reinstalled it twice with no success.

    I have never had a DNS configured prior to this, so viewing the properties of the driver and enabling one would be different than "stock" so to speak.

    I installed a new Windows update yesterday around the same time.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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