I have been chasing a problem with some of the cd's I found. Memorex CD-RW 700mb and Sony DVD+RW 4.7gb. When I try and use them my
TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223L ATA Device [CD-ROM drive] reverts to PIO. The Memorex started to indicate 3 bad areas(regions I think) which in a document I found says Windows 7 Professional 64 bit reverts to PIO when a certain number of errors are found.
WHY DOES IT DO SUCH A STUPID ACTION? I was using ImgBurn to burn some music and then verify the disc. When it got to the 3 errors it started to take an hour to verify 5% of the disc. I had to cancel and Uninstall the drive and reboot to get DMA back.
I also tried to format a Memorex disc as USB and it failed, I don't know the error, but it also took many minutes to take the action. At the time I wasn't knowledgeable to see if DMA had been dropped in place of PIO. The BIOS is set for PIO 4 and the channels Ultra DMA Mode 5.
Is there a way to change Windows so it will NOT drop back to PIO on disc errors? Maybe raise the error count to 500 or whatever causes the change from DMA to PIO.