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Thread: BisonCam web cam

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    Question BisonCam web cam

    I have an Alienware laptop that has a BisonCam web cam in it. The laptop came with Windows XP and I just upgraded it to Windows 7. The web cam worked great with XP but I can't find a driver for it to use with Windows 7. Apparently BisonCam no longer exists, and it appears they went out of business before Windows 7 came out. I spent the entire day on the internet yesterday trying to find a driver for it. Thousands of sites saying they have it but they don't. On top of that all those sites have dozens of download buttons that trick you and you end up loading some crap on your computer. Even CNet, that I thought was reputable, has the same type of junk. Does anybody know anything about this BisconCam Company and where I might find a driver for their web cam that works with Windows 7?

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    I would contact Dell/Alienware.

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