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Thread: Chrome browser is freezing to the point of becoming unusable

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    Default Chrome browser is freezing to the point of becoming unusable

    I have been dealing with this issue for the last week or so. My machine has been re-formatted twice, It has been to the shop for disk and RAM diagnostics and it's running fine . The problem seems to rise from the Chrome browser and the freezing comes when I use a mail checking add on. First it was "X-notifier" add on. the minute I added that the Chrome browser froze. Went to safe mode and disabled the add on so I could reopen the Chrome browser. I reinstalled different versions of Chrome both older and newer. Changed the profile. Disabled the syncing with my other machine and Android phone. Put in a different mail checking add on strictly for and I forwarded my Gmail account to so it was all check-able through and it froze again this morning when I was looking at my mail through that add on. There is no crash report, it simply freezes to the point of becoming nu-usable until I restart it. Talk about frustration. What can I do? I ran this for 5 years without an issue. I'm about to uninstall or disable the Flash plug-in, in Chrome but I don't hold out much hope.

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    I meet the same issue that time, but it's fixed on the latest version.

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