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Thread: Internet Explorer script error

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    Default Internet Explorer script error

    I keeping getting a script error message on every website that I visit and have not been able to correct this, does anyone know how to remove these annoying messages?

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    You might do a malware scan. If it's every site, it might be a piece of malware that either wasn't removed completely or didn't install completely. Try running Malwarebytes and see if that brings up anything.

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    What browser version? Are you keeping up to date with the latest Windows updates? What Windows version (I assume Win 7 since you posted here). Download Malwarebytes and do a deep scan. I agree that this sounds like a malware embedded in your browser. Malwarebytes gives a free fully functional trial, so use it and see if it helps. You didn't mention what Anti-virus you're using. Hope you're using a good AV and a a good Malware scanner. Very important.
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