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Thread: File playing in DVD but not copying

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    Default File playing in DVD but not copying


    I burned few folders including video files to a Blank DVD using ImgBurn few months back. Yesterday, I tried to copy one folder containing video files to my local disk. All files were copied except for 1 video. The video was about 600-700mb and I was unable to copy the whole file. I then tried to copy only that file to C disk but still it was stuck in between. Then I tried playing that file in DVD and I was able to play the file. However, I was unable to copy that file to my computer. I tried copying using AnyReader but once I select that folder, AnyReader shows an error message and closes.

    I'm using Windows 7 OS.

    Please check and update me regarding the necessary steps that can be taken to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


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    Large files on the desktop is sometimes problematic. Instead, try copying it to a folder somewhere under C.

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    There might be some corruption in burning that video unable to copy. Actually if you play that video completely, you may come across the error while playing it too as some portion corrupted. I dont think its OS problem. It might be either disc or the player.
    Reasons can be error in burning or some scratches... so try to clean the DVD with DVD cleaning sol if you notice any scratches. Also try to run it on other system and try to copy the file on oth system to ensure whether its the DVD or the player. Blow inside DVD player to clean any dust and try.
    In future while burning DVD, try to burn it at slower speeds to have perfect discs and also check 'verify after burning' option if available.

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