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Thread: Region Problem In Windows 7 N - Unable to Install Software

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    Default Region Problem In Windows 7 N - Unable to Install Software

    I have been using the N version (Ultimate) on my laptop for many years. I reinstalled it many times as well. But this time, it is giving problems saying date and time of my computer do not match my time zone. I was not able to change region of DVD drive to Asia.

    Part of the problem solved when I figured out I can change the region to 5+30 from Control Panel -> Region and Language... But I still cannot download and install software from the web - especially the software like Scrybe and Synaptics Touchpad. The one I have on local disk runs for a second and says drivers installed. But when I go to the Mouse settings, I can't see Touchpad there. It shows in Programs and Features from where I can uninstall it. I tried 2-3 times but failed to install the driver.

    I tried to download Touchpad driver from Synaptics site but it would give me a corrupted RAR file. That is what Windows says. And if I go to the HP website, it won't recognize my computer using product number or even when I install the auto-detector. It is Intel 945 Chipset. I am not able to understand what exactly is the problem here.

    Please suggest any remedies,

    PS: The Time Zone is already set to 5+30 (IST) in Date and Time settings. BIOS clock is too fine.

    Thank you,
    Arun Kumar.
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