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Thread: Windows 7 x86 insys laptop beeps every 30 seconds

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    Default Windows 7 x86 insys laptop beeps every 30 seconds


    I have this annoying beep every 30 seconds, sound plays normally. If I mute the speakers (in windows) I can still hear the beep. I've tried to see if there was an event correlating to the time the beep plays, did a custom view and selected all events, there were no events with the same time signature of the beep. Beep definitely comes from the speakers (external sound system), seems to be an alarm beep of the motherboard, those you normally hear on the post. Bios is very limited and there aren't any beep settings. Disabling system beep in device manager doesn't help. Please help, thank you.

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    How does the beep go? Check and find out the cause here: It may be important signal that your hardware may be giving you.

    Should you wish to disable system beeps, check this: Disable System Beep in Windows.

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