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Thread: Multiple consent.exe won't allow certain programs to start

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    Default Multiple consent.exe won't allow certain programs to start


    There are times when some programs just won’t start. When I look at process explorer there is always more than one occurrence of consent.exe running. It seems to be associated with the crptsrvc (consent UI for administrative applications). The only way I know to get certain programs to start again, is to reboot my computer. This becomes real annoying.

    Do you have any ideas where to look for solutions?

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    If the consent.exe file is located in the System32 folder it is the legit Microsoft process associated with the User Account Control, else it could even be malware. So confirm its location first. If you think its malware, run a full antivirus scan of your system. If its the legit Microsoft file, then it does not seem to be rendering properly, it seems. Run sfc /scannow and see if it helps.

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