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Thread: Small Basic taking over!!!!

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    Question Small Basic taking over!!!!


    a small basic file was saved and we think the member of the family changed something in setting when saving as now dropbox, microsoft office Crome and other programs now have the small basic icon on the desktop and when you try to launch program the open a small window with small basic icon and unreadable symbols in the window.�^.�^'��^/�^'��^/�^'��^?�^.�^�^'��^<�^'��^/�^'��^/�^'��^/�^Rich.�^

    How can we change back to launching the programs as when i right click the list gives the open not open with not sure if it is vista as i cant access the computer right click properties as is does the same trick. it actually windows 7 thankyou for the pointer which lead me to try the following and i have tried

    dialog box, cd\windows activate windows folder, command to open registry editor, straight to small basic.

    c:\windows\reedit.exe straight to small basic.

    Run system file checker SFC.exe command promt straight to small basic.

    Start Run explorer straight to small basic.

    I think I need to access in to restore default file associations? but cannot access. Left message and recived advice form Tomshardware to go to this site for download but now have a bigger problem.

    I have switched on to download sort out problem but the user account will not even load windows even that now has turned into small basic, so I'm in a different user account that seems uninfected but if i down load will it work from this account I am pretty sure that the problem account is the admin.

    Thankyou for your time reading this any advice gladly accepted.

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    From what I understand the EXE extension is being replaced with Small Basic? Download the EXE from the The Winhelponline Blog or our File Association Fixer and run it. Hoping this will work for other Profile as well. If that didn't work see if you have a latest system restore point if so try that.

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