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Thread: Windows 7 network permissions issues

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    Default Windows 7 network permissions issues

    I have a PC connected to my home network by Ethernet cable and a Laptop which connects to the same network by wireless. I am running Windows 7 Professional on both machines, the PC is 64 bit and the Laptop which is a 64 bit machine has a 32 bit version of the software.

    As far as I know I have full permissions granted to each machine and both are set to share the "My Documents" file.

    The PC accesses the Laptop and I can amend and save files on the Laptop to the Laptop or the PC, from the PC. The Laptop however can access the files on the PC but they will only open as Read only and therefore cannot be saved back to the PC after amendment, and have to be saved to the Laptop as Copy of.....

    Can anyone help?

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    See if going backwards with this helps: How to Set Remote Desktop Connection Files to Read Only | eHow

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