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Thread: Boot Problems on Windows 7

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    Default Boot Problems on Windows 7

    I have a problem w/ my Win-7 machine. I recently cloned my smaller C drive (a 120GB Hitachi SSD drive) to a larger 500GB Samsung SSD. Have disconnected the 120GB drive and when I boot the computer I get only a blinking cursor. I then reboot and hit F12, find the drive and select it. Now it boots into windows w/o trouble.

    Following the next shutdown the problem reappears. On restart I then hit the F2 key for setup. Select Boot Device Config. and then HD Boot Priority, enter the Samsung SSD, save via F10 and exit setup.

    Now back to the original problem w/ only a blinking cursor. Reboot and use the F12 as described above and all is well.

    What am I dong wrong here? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.

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    Apparently you did not make the permanent boot sequence (F2) setting correctly. When the SSD is first in the boot priority it works.

    Suggest you go back into the BIOS (F2) and carefully study the steps. Unfortunately every BIOS is different so it is difficult to give you an exact roadmap.

    But other than that permanent BIOS setting you do not seem to have a problem.

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