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Thread: Windows Contacts Directory Settings

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    Default Windows Contacts Directory Settings

    When I create a new user and then select the user's Contacts Directory a special toolbar is available with the following options:
    "Organise, Include in Library, Share With, New Contact, New Contact Group, Import, Export, New Folder".

    Clicking on properties allows the folder to be relocated from its default position but this loses the toolbar and replaces it with the normal one:
    "Organise, Open, Share With, Print, Burn, New Folder".

    In the process I managed to delete the contacts folder as well.

    Creating a new Contacts folder produces a folder with "Organise, Open, Share With, Print, Burn, New Folder" as the toolbar options.

    How can I get the replacement folder (or one not located \user\Contacts) to use the original special toolbar that includes "Organise, Include in Library, Share With, New Contact, New Contact Group, Import, Export, New Folder"?

    Thanks, John

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    Hi John,

    'Contacts' is a User folder so its special unlike any other folder. There are other folders too like My Music, My Pictures, Downloads.....etc.

    First have you tried checking in Recycle Bin? If its there, right click on 'Contacts' in Recycle Bin and Restore. If its already removed from there then try these:

    Try creating a new folder Contacts in C:\Users\<username>\ (in that location you'll also see other User folders like Downloads, My Documents, My Music, My right click & create Contacts there) & then double click Contacts to see if you are getting the special toolbar.

    I tried this & was getting the special toolbar. You can also Right click on Contacts & from Properties>Location >Restore Default..then confirm if it asks for 'Yes'

    Also check if you have System Restore set ON, then you can try going back to Restore Point before you have deleted....

    If these are not working for you...If you are ready to work as a new user, you can try creating a new user & you'll have all user folders recreated.
    Else another method is the Registry method - will have to check the exact reg file or if anyone from this forum having the reg file to restore 'Contacts' Folder? Or will check if any of TheWindowsClub Windows tweaking tools has got that option......
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