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Thread: Fresh install Question: How to find out the Windows 7 license key

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    Default Fresh install Question: How to find out the Windows 7 license key

    Been looking at a Lenovo laptop that is one of those ones that has Win 7 Pro 64bit installed when you get it, but has Win 8 license embedded I guess on the mobo so it's ready to upgrade to 8 which I'm not interested in doing.

    My question is this... how do I obtain the license keys for the copy of Win 7 that is running on the laptop?

    I want to do a fresh install to eliminate the bloatware without having to go out and buy an OEM copy of Win 7.

    Is it possible to find out what the Win 7 license keys are? Surely they can be found somewhere on the system.

    Any ideas / directions on how to do this would be greatly appreciated...

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    Use any one of these software key finders to find the license key of your Windows.

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