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Thread: MSWord 2007 Hyperlink Error

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    Default MSWord 2007 Hyperlink Error

    I am using MS Word 2007 with Windows 7 Pro, on a P.C. and have been doing so for many years and have an extensive (~ 28 GB) document file with many subfiles of documents.

    Heretofore, I’ve been writing out links to other documents (Eg: “See all “XXXX” here - C:\Users\…XXXX..."). I’ve recently decided to change to actual hyperlinks to those documents This was prompted by finding out I could do so with the .kmz files that link a document to its relevant GoogleEarth file and will open GoogleEarth to the appropriate location when clicked.

    But, when I try to do the same between files located within the overarching Word File I get the error notice “Cannot open the specified file”.

    I’ve tried all the methods discussed in the Microsoft online help documents and none seem to correct the problem.

    Suggestions welcome.

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    This is really just a guess but it MIGHT be possible that it is a permissions issue. Wait for other responses as I don't get as heavily into Word as you seem to be doing but, if a better idea doesn't come up, you might try moving the entire document and all associated files out of the user folder. If you have more than one partition or drive on your system I would move it totally out of the system drive/partition.The logic behind my thought is that you are linking to an outside source (google earth) from within a protected area. It could help or I could be totally off base, I'm not really sure.

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