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Thread: I can not install no operating system

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    Default I can not install no operating system

    Hello !

    I tried to install a myriad of DVDs or USB keys for Widows 7 that in the pc of my friends all go perfectly, in my case initially l 'installation goes, but then I get the following message:



    If I install another operating system such as Linux Mint or Ubuntu are successful but when I click on Restart Now, the system will not start.

    Only the mode 'Live Linux systems operating normally.

    My PC is' a Dual Core AMD 2
    on the motherboard GIGABYTE GA-M61SME-S2 produced in 2007-S2 - 4Gb Ram
    HD 2 TB. Western Digital.

    My hard disk has only one year, and then yesterday I did two tests of two different utilities, one of the Western Digital would be the house of my hard drive, and an 'other external software, all two tests with no errors .

    I also run the utility 'chkdsk, no errors

    And also, I did the memory test ram with MemTest86 without errors.

    I await your help. Thank you!

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    Are you installing on C drive or D drive? Format your C drive and try to install it. Also try this link Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7 - Windows 7 Help Forums

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