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Thread: Windows 7 Freezing, after restart 4GB RAM getting hardware reserved.

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    Angry Windows 7 Freezing, after restart 4GB RAM getting hardware reserved.

    I am having frequent restarts and random freezing on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

    My Config

    I7 pentium quad core
    Mother board is Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7,
    RAM installed from beginning ( 3 years back) = 3 sticks x Zion 4GB DDR3 PC 1333
    Nvidia Quadro 4000
    Cooler master cabinet

    Is it because of malware or hardware problem I am not sure.

    MY GPU gets over heated when I am rendering 3D works, so I keep one side of the CPU open with a table fan pushing air on the GPU. Without it my CPU hangs within half an hour.

    I also have AC in my current room.

    I do not think over heating of GPU is a problem, as its a 3 year old GPU and works fine when the table fan is running. Tmp. of GPU never exceeds 85 C unless I am playing game or doing heavy 3D rendering work. I was not doing any of these while it hanged.

    The problem I think is either with RAM or a malware in system.

    My first concern is my 4GB RAM is getting hardware reserved, especially after the sudden hang/reboot.

    I have done a memory Diagnostic and C drive full scan disk. No errors.

    I did a clean boot and the 4GB RAM was back. All the services and start up items were disabled, except Microsoft ones. It worked fine for few hours and again hanged.

    I am going to clean processor fan and re insert RAM today but it looks like some timer is being setup to stop the machine after few hours.

    This is very weird.

    If a reboot happens it will again block 4GB.

    I am not sure whether it is virus or hardware problem.

    How to narrow it down?

    I am following this thread to check if anything else freezes it

    any help will be appreciated.

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    Hello there mate!

    We have to dig couple of thing to figure it out. Overheating can caused random crashes and hang check the temps for CPU as well and see if it's overheating. If your desktop is out of warranty then remove the panel and dust it properly. Also get a thermal paste and re-apply it on the heat sink of processor. Clean the DIMM slots as well.

    Meanwhile run Speccy and post here the whole system configuration.

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