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Thread: Windows Updates will not install Error code 80070308

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    Default Windows Updates will not install Error code 80070308

    I am running Windows OS 64 bit. I keep getting a notice that there are nine Windows Updates waiting to be installed. They seem to download okay and then go through the process of installing.

    But then I get a notice that nothing was installed because of an error code 80070308.

    Followed the instructions in Microsoft Troubleshooter and even tried using the "Fix It Tool' but nothing helps.

    I ran full Virus scans with both Microsoft Essentials and Bitdefender and both found nothing wrong.

    Any other ideas as to what I can try to do would be appreciated.

    I wanted to attach an image from my computer to this post but could not find an upload link.

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    This error code indicates that there could some issue with your .NET installation.

    Create a system restore point first, and then you may try some of these suggestions:

    Check the integrity of your .NET installation:
    .NET Framework Setup Verification Tool - Verify integrity of installation

    Run the following tool if corruption is found:
    Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool Download

    If it does not help, completely remove the .NET versions on your system:
    Remove old versions of .NET Framework with Cleanup Utility

    Reinstall .NET afresh.
    You will get the links here: Microsoft .NET Framework : Beginners Guide & Download

    Restart and see if the Windows Updates will install.

    If they do not, see if anything here helps you:
    Fix: Windows Updates fail to install
    Maybe flushing the Software Distribution Folder will help you.

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