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Thread: Windows File Sharing Error Flyout "Blocked"

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    Default Windows File Sharing Error Flyout "Blocked"


    On my Windows 7 Pro setup.....

    I try to share a folder by right-clicking and then selecting Properties...then the Sharing Tab.....Then Advanced Sharing button.....Then I got a Error popup....with the gong sound....

    Windows File Sharing

    Your system administrator has blocked you from running this program

    Class not registered

    I have searched on this time and again but no luck. I have determined it to be some bad registry entry as I have even gone so far as to create a clean Win 7 install on another partition, and it behaves normally. I had also tried doing a hive copy from that install over my existing install, and it fixed the problem, but obviously just about tanked my regular install.

    The normal flyout that opens when you click that Advanced Sharing button is not shown anyplace specific in the registry that I can find. My homegroup and basic file/folder sharing seem to work fine. Just this one feature will not work, and it has become more a matter of the hunt, than something I need to use my PC.

    Thanks for ANY ideas !!

    David aka Sammydad1

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    The first question is if you are logged in as admin on the system in question. If you are logged on with a restricted site sharing isn't going to happen.

    If you are logged in as an admin try creating another admin account and trying from the new account. If that works copy everything (Favorites, Documents, etc.) from the old account to the new. When you are sure that you have copied everything that you need delete the old account.
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