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Thread: Serial/Part Number Generator, Naming a built PC, Giving it a serial/part number

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    Question Serial/Part Number Generator, Naming a built PC, Giving it a serial/part number

    this is my first post here and I may have ended up in error and I'm in the wrong place for what I'm seeking, as I looked around I did search well before posting.

    I need a way to "generate serial numbers" and "part numbers" for computers that I have built and computers that I am building.

    Now if this means that I need to learn how to create my own program to do this, I'm willing to learn and if this is or will be the best way for me to get and have a "serial number" and "part number" generator, so be it.

    Also if I'm not mistaken the "serial number" and "part number" as well as the "manufacture name" are encoded or should I say written in to the bios? That is if, the "serial number" and "Part number" are normally written in to the bios, if so Would I have to Edit the bios? Once I have built the computer.

    As of right now it states "To be filled in by OEM" with NO "serial number" or "Part number" Now If this is not the case, then how should I or would I go about correcting this?

    I was hoping that I may find someone here that could help in answering this, how do I give the computer it's name, how do I give it a Part number, how do I give it a serial number, that can not be changed by the end user?

    That is once I have generated the serial number and part number. And how would I go about doing this in the best way, or easiest way? Or is there a way to do so?

    I would greatly appreciate some assistance and or at least pointed in the right direction

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    You are talking about factory built computers using OEM motherboards, not self-built computers. There is no need to edit the BIOS for self-built - unless you just want to.

    I use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of the computers I build.

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