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Thread: chrome error: dns_probe_finished_no_internet but wireless connections working

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    Exclamation chrome error: dns_probe_finished_no_internet but wireless connections working

    I have a Windows 7 desktop system (Gateway). A few days ago I developed a problem where the System Tray shows internet access but none of my browsers is able to access a website. At the same time I have wireless access for a laptop and tablet.

    The desktop system and router are each connected to a DSL modem.

    When I try a browser I get:
    • Google Chrome says "DNS probe finished No Internet"
    • Firefox says "Cannot connect to server"
    • IE just hangs rendering nothing.

    To me a perplexing problem.

    I've tried a number of fixes (both with and without firewall on and with and without system restarts):
    • Turning off and restarting the modem
    • Turning off and restarting the router
    • pinged and pathpinged a number of sites successfully
    • deleted Chrome's User Data/Default file and restarted Chrome
    • set TCP/IP version 4 to "Obtain DNS server address automatically"
    • set TCP/IP version 4 to addresses for OpenDNS, Google DNS and others
    • tried netsh winsock reset and restarted computer
    • tried ipconfig /release; ipconfig /flushdns; ipconfig /renew
    • tried netsh interface ip set dns; netsh winsock reset

    Not sure what to try next.

    Any help appreciated!


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    The first thing that I'd do is to disconnect the desktop from the modem and connect to the router. By your post I take it that the laptop and tablet DO have internet access? It is possible that the issue MAY clear up on itself as it may be a case where your ISP is having DNS issues that will be resolved while your router is using a different DNS such as Open DNS or others. In any case it is best to use your router for all connections as most routers include a hardware firewall that adds another layer to your security.

    If connecting the desktop to the router instead of the modem does not help I'd go to Device Manager and remove the network card (NIC) then re-boot to allow Windows to re-install the NIC.

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