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Thread: Windows 7 x64 critical update (rel. 10/14/2014) breaks USB 3.0

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    Default Windows 7 x64 critical update (rel. 10/14/2014) breaks USB 3.0

    When I plug an external hard drive into a usb 3 hub, it spins up and windows makes the new connection sound but explorer can't see the drive.

    I tried:

    -checking for up to date USB drivers (result: mine already were)
    -plugging drive into USB system port (result: drive not recognized)
    -plugging the drive into USB 2 Hub (result: Drive made repeated loud abnormal clunk sounds so disconnected before checking so not sure if the drive was recognized)
    -plugging ext drive into usb 2.0 system port. (result: dive recognized, dialogue recommending switch to USB 3 Port displayed, with not a little irony)
    -uninstalling and reinstalling my usb drivers (result: ext drive still not recognized)
    -roll back to before the windows critical update issued Oct 14, 2014 for win 7 Home Pro x64. (result: DRIVE NOW RECOGNIZED AND FUNCTIONS FINE)
    -reinstalling Win 7 update (result: drive AGAIN not recognized by explorer in usb 3 port or hub)
    -rollback to pre-update restore point. (result: ext drive IS again recognized)

    So Microsoft Support, if you're reading this, I can't find any mention of this prob online, anywhere. Your attention to this would be much appreciated!

    Specs: Asus K55a, windows 7 home pro ed., x64 8megs ram

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    have you tried diskfresh or spinrite?

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    What is the size of the external drive? Win 7 cannot properly handle a drive over 2TB without a bit of help.

    As to the oddity of the Win Update are you doing the update with or without the drive connected. In either case try the opposite.

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