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Thread: Security issue with User Account Control?

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    Default Security issue with User Account Control?

    I suddenly started getting user account control requests every 15 seconds or so to allow MS Windows to make updates to my computer. When I deny the request, the request goes away briefly, but returns within approximately 15 seconds. The publisher's (Microsoft Corporation) certificate only shows certificate validity to 1/22/2010. Should I allow MS Windows to make the change? Is the lack of valid certificate date an indication that this is a security issue?

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    No do not allow it to make changes. Can you find out which program wants to make the change? Because if it was the operating system which wanted to make the change - maybe after a Windows Update - it would not, in all likelihood, require your approval. It is quite likely something else wants to make the change.

    I suggest you first full-scan your Windows PC, with your antivirus software. If you are using Windows Defender, you might want to download and use some portable malware scanner too, to get a second opinion. You could use Dr WEB CureIt. I use it occassionally.

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