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Thread: Win 7 Search not Indexing TB 31 Emails after new HD+Fresh OS Install

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    Default Win 7 Search not Indexing TB 31 Emails after new HD+Fresh OS Install


    (Full disclosure, I've posted this problem elsewhere in two forums and struck out with no responses. Hopefully someone here can resolve this for me, and I will post the solution with proper credits in order to close out the other hanging unsolved questions.)

    My apologies if the below may be too much information, but my intention is to give an accurate snapshot in order to help someone help me.

    I've wasted countless hours during the past 6 weeks changing numerous search & index options and solutions for weeks with zero success. With the former hard drive, a Vista with upgrade to Windows 7 (as opposed to this time: I think Staples did a straight Win 7 install), I had this issue and had to make 'some forgotten-Grrrrr' modification to the Indexing Options which then brought up all TB emails, subject lines and contents, normal readable text.

    I have studied everything I can find on the subject already posted online about indexing and searching TB mails, so I have learned a lot, and no tweaks to the searches either through the index or TB options have worked. I've done 'the right thing' over and over and over, and 'something' is not the same as before the new HD and OS+TB installs. I've even used an MS fixit tool to reset the search index in case that was corrupt besides a clean TB reinstall. I did properly copy my TB profile folder (in order to retain all the emails) over to the new, correct location after the TB inital and subsequent reinstall, but I don't see why that should have changed anything.

    TB emails are located where they are supposed to be: C:\Users\Catherine\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Pro files\'numbered-string-name'.default. TB emails don't have a file extension, per se; however, file type msf is checked in the indexing options. I added 'wdseml' in desperation during one or two of my 12-15+ indexes, and a subsequent search did return those emails but all in coded numbers, not english text subject lines like before.

    In a nutshell, the default indexing options which were supposed to work do not pull up the emails like it did before the crash. Those options are listed:

    Start Menu
    Users-excluding appdata appdata (for myself and default users).

    (Clicked on Modify and confirmed that indeed those specific mail folders under my TB roaming profile were checked to be indexed.) Did not work! Because I had checked the text file type 'msf', those coded emails came up, which were useless, so I unchecked that file type.

    This is a huge, major frustration because I have relied for years on search for emails and content searches and am completely hamstrung. Plus, I loved the Windows search! I don't want a 3rd party search, I want my Windows search back, healed.

    Can anyone please help me?

    Thank you in advance from Catherine.

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    Hi Catherine,

    I'm assuming by TB you meant Thunderbird mail client, right? & Searching mails from Windows 7 start not returning mail results? btw I'm on Windows 8.1

    I use Windows Live Mail for all my mail accounts, I'm not a regular Thunderbird user, so to check, I installed it just now. Its ver is 31.2.0. So I can just try to look into the issue.

    Does Windows return search results when you search for a file name etc, just to ensure about search.....

    Does the Search in Thunderbird return results?

    And this is your Windows 7 clean install - and you installed Thunderbird & configured your mail account.

    Have you checked this option in Thunderbird to include search?

    Tools >Options> Advanced> General Allow Windows Search to search messages, OK, Say Yes in the messages that pops up.

    That will run ThunderBird Windows Search Integration Handler..
    & now give it a try & see if it helps.

    EDIT: if your mail database is large, the indexing might take some time.
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