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Thread: WiFi / Ethernet connection crashes

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    Default WiFi / Ethernet connection crashes

    So my problem started a couple of weeks ago but now it got really annoying

    It happens randomly. My pc starts slowing down and after 5-10 seconds theres no more internet

    Sometimes the wifi icon shows an "X" sometimes it shows as connected. anyway I cant click/rightclick the icon

    When I open the task manager and click on the networking tab, the task manager gets stuck

    When I get into network repair via control pannel it says it can't find any problem

    If I plug the ethernet cable the internet works for a couple of minutes before crashing again, and after that crash ethernet wont work again even if I unplug and plug it again

    Last, if I turn off or reset the pc it gets stuck on the "shutting down" screen. It only shuts down by holding the "off" button

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    Hello and welcome to TWCF!

    First of all remove third-party software installed on your system if any. Second, try the SFC /SCANNOW command in the administrative Command Prompt. Then update your network drivers to latest one. Also check the network connection with a different system, to confirm there is nothing wrong from router side.

    Try this and let us know if something helped you, Good luck

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    usually i just login to the router or hub and change the channel

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