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Thread: File and folder sharing thru Workgroup gets Access Denied

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    Default File and folder sharing thru Workgroup gets Access Denied

    Hi need help....

    so this is the overview of my problem

    I've got 6 pc in my workgroup and need to share a few folders in my main pc with controlled access on Windows 7 Pro
    1.Already setup users to specific folder access
    2.4 out of 6 pc connected successfully without any problems to their assigned folders.
    3.Remaining 2 pc unable to connect to folder says " You do not have permission to access folder. contact your network administrator.
    3.Tried all possible ways of setting permission level and security level and taking ownership.
    4.User is granted admin rights but still cannot.
    5.Tried built in Administrator account and manage to access the shared file and folder, but cannot let the user use the build in account for admin issues.
    6.Edited redegit lsa for annoy user to 0
    7.Created dummy user profile still cannot.
    8.Disabled UAC, antivirus, firewall with no luck.
    9.Created sharing to everyone and could access but need to share only certain files to specific users.

    All out of ideas, please need help.....


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    Since you o not specifically say... are all systems Win 7 or later?

    If not you cannot use homegroup as a network but must set up a specific network manually.

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    Between my three computers, I sometimes have the same problem, especially wireless. Perhaps better to get the hardwire folder/file sharing going really well, then tackle the wireless. I kept from pulling my hair out that way
    Ja, I had troubles between Windows 8 and Windows 7; finally rolled the one computer from W8 to W7, now much smoother sailing.

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