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Thread: New VGA cable changes resolution

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    Default New VGA cable changes resolution

    Hello! I am trying to find an answer to a similar problem. I recently discovered a problem with my desktop-to-monitor vga cable, so I purchased a new one. When I re-started my desktop and monitor, the resolution had changed, and the desktop icons were all stuffed to the left of the screen. Checking my display settings, I noted the monitor was now shown as "Generic Non PnP Monitor". When I go back to the "original" cable, the display returns to the proper res, and the Screen Resolution page shows the display as Acer X20311, and the resolution as 1600 x 900 (recommended); just as it should be. I have tried 4 (four!)different new cables, and they all do the same thing! Display driver for Radeon X1300/X1550 is up to date. But why does a different cable change the display? The only difference in the physical appearance of the VGA cables is the original has little round blocks at each end, filters I presume...I couldn't find that kind at the Micro Center, but the tech said it shouldn't matter in a quality cable... I am stumped!

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    I have also faced the same problem, it is actually graphic card which does interfere when you change vga cable. do not worry just to go to your bios setting, and detect you PCI snoop palate againg, restart your pc, and DONE!! problem solved....

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