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Thread: All file extension changed to .LNK

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    Default All file extension changed to .LNK

    I have this problem and no one on the web and all research that I have done seems to know a complete fix without completely erasing and starting from scratch with a new installation.

    My problem is one day I started my laptop and all extension where changed to .LNK. Most would say no big deal just download a fix for it right click on the file, hit merge and it will be all good. NO. Some might say just go into the ext. application and look for it (.LNK) and change it. NO. Other will say go to the regedit and run it and type in ........ NO.

    None these will work. for the following reason.

    1. Any downloads that would have a exe. to run it after it downloads would be automatically changed to .LNK even saving it to a flash drive and importing it as soon as its on the computer its changed to a .LNK. Also when I do download they say to right click and you will have a merge option - no I dont.
    2. .LNK is not in the list period its like its a ghost.
    3. Cant run regedit because its and exe file.

    Please help this computer is useless and I cant believe with all the knowledge and expertise out there its so have to find an answer to this.

    Thanks in advance

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    So I guess our File Association Fixer will be of no ue to you then. This is a long shot but you may try it.

    Run a full-scan of your antivirus software.

    Next, create a system restore point first and then open Regedit. It does open, right?

    Navigate to the following registry key:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.lnk

    If you see a sub-key named UserChoice, delete it.
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    Guys, how would such a thing be activated? And, I found this:
    "All files converted to .LNK files!" How to fix Windows error!
    [All files have a .LNK extension?How to fix Windows error.]
    That may or may not be of help to the OP.

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