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Thread: Can't get File Sharing set up - Networking help please.

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    Default Can't get File Sharing set up - Networking help please.

    First please suggest a better place to get help with this if there is one.

    I have an old Win 7 desktop and a Win 7 laptop at home that are sharing files just fine except that I'm out of disk space on both. So, I just bought a new Win 7 desktop to better manage files on.

    The problem is that I can't get file sharing set up between the new desktop and the existing laptop or desktop. I can see all three computers on all three computers. I can get to the public documents file on the new desktop from the laptop but not vice versa.

    One this is that I can find the Homegroup Password on both the laptop and the new desktop but when I click on Join Homegroup, after a few minutes, I get a message that I Homegroup can't be created on this computer.

    Another thing is that from my laptop I can see a shared file in the Users folder on the old desktop but I can't see it from the new desktop.

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestion.



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    Are you using hard-wire and wireless; or, only hard-wire? only wireless?
    I ask because I had the same Folder/File Sharing problems as you posted.
    Using hard-wire, allowing enough time for modem/router OPs to be fully green before Windows 7 comes up -- results in very little Folder/File Sharing problems. I sometimes have to restart Windows7Pro , then everything's ok.
    Using wire-less, again allowing modem/router to be fully green [meaning all lights are on] before Windows 7 Pro/laptops come up, normally I have Folder/File Sharing. Sometimes I have to restart both desktop and/or laptop to arrive.
    I'm assuming you have already done:
    Share With --> Advanced Sharing --> Network File & Folder Sharing
    stuff for your appropriate Folders on all three computers.

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