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Thread: Context Menu does not show icons

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    Default Context Menu does not show icons


    I just need an icon of a small program I coded it myself to be visible on a WindowsExplorer Context Menu. It pass the name of the file as the only parameter.
    The program is running well. The only needed is to show its icon.

    In fact, I use an alternative for WindowsExplorer, called DirectoryOpus. It also has its own Context Menu. But I think it is not the problem because I can see the icon doesn't shows up on WindowsExplorer too.

    The entries I put on Registry are displayed bellow:

    (as the forum didn't allow me to post urls, I ask you to visit the images between tags)

    View image: Registro 01

    View image: Registro 02

    I used the following programs to better understand and how to show up that icon:

    1. ShellNewHandler
    2. ShellMenuView
    3. 7ContextMenuImageChanger
    4. Easy Context Menu
    5. Seven - Context_Menu_Editor
    6. CustomContextMenu
    7. YourMenu1.0
    8. Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer
    9. FileMenuTools

    I could not do that. Many of them can put the program on the first level of the context menu, but no icon.

    I tryed these keys:

    • [HKCR\Folder\Shell\]
    • [HKCR\Folder\ShellEx\ContextMenuHandlers\]
    • [HKCR\Directory\Shell\]
    • [HKCR\Directory\ShellEx\ContextMenuHandlers\]
    • [HKCR\AllFilesystemObjects\shell\]
    • [HKCR\AllFilesystemObjects\shellex\ContextMenuHandl ers\]

    No way to show icon.

    Please, note on image bellow that entries for Unlocker, MalwareBytes, Dropbox e others, icons appears. I searched in details all the Registry looking for those correspondents icons, but I did not find.

    View image: Menu de Contexto 01

    So, I think that those icons may be there, on context menu, not through Registry entries, but some how via DLLs or programs hard code. Is it makes sense?

    The only single question here is the way how to put icon on the first level of Context Menu.

    Thank you.
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