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Thread: PC based IMAP email clients for Windows 7 Pro PC

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    Default PC based IMAP email clients for Windows 7 Pro PC


    I need some assistance on finding a PC based IMAP email clients for a W7 Pro PC's?
    Looking for a simple basic program, less bells, whistles = POWER. Min reg below.

    1] Email web links from my browser simply going to FILE > SEND-TO, email is on it's way.
    2] Email right from the HD by simply RIGHT CLICKING > SEND-TO, email is on it's way.
    3] Import/export contacts in CSV. completed, & backed up in seconds.
    4] Insert an image by simply going to INSERT > IMAGE > and selecting image by navigating HD folders and viewing ACTUAL image NOT just image NAME.
    5] Ability to change colors: Header, Menu, Fonts, & their size for greater contrast & readability. Pastels eg. "Easter Bunny Colors" CAUSE ERRORS.
    6] Anti-Spam removal like WLM 2009.
    7] Built-in or ability to add spell chker.

    Web mail is out as MS has gone to Skype and T Bird is overkill & it's business operatives are hidden. Downloaded & tried to install WLM versions, MAIL was grayed out or gave ALREADY INSTALLED msg.

    For years OE & WLM 2009 effectively allowed me to send/rec 1200 +/- emails per month without a hitch.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated. I'm an experiences Windows/Internet user BUT not a tech, so please use the KISS principle on any suggestions you may have.



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    You can give a try to Mozilla Thunderbird, hope that fulfills your requirements.

    Good luck

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    Were you not able to uninstall WMail or Windows Essentials from Programs & Features (Add/Remove programs) ?
    You can uninstall WLMail or any bits of Windows Essentials if not properly installed then try installing the offline ver of Windows Essentials & choose to install only Windows Mail.
    You can try uninstalling Windows Essentials via CMD line:
    *From Accessories right click on Command prompt and Run As Admin
    * Run the below command according to your Windows ver
    * (64 bit) "c:\program files (x86)\windows live\installer\wlarp.exe" /cleanup:all /q
    * (32 bit) "c:\program files\windows live\installer\wlarp.exe" /cleanup:all /q
    You''ll get the message when the uninstallation is complete.
    Or can check this link too : How do I uninstall one or more Windows Essentials programs? - Windows Help
    Then from here, get the offline ver of Windows Essentials and install Windows Mail

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    I would also suggest Thunderbird. It is easy to use and low on resources. Check it out.

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